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uPVC Sliding Window

uPVC sliding window comprises of two or more sashes that slide horizontally on the outer frame with the help of nylon rollers. When compared to aluminium and other traditional sliding windows, these are more silent. Multi-chamber design of the profile reduces the transfer of the heat thus saves energy. All the sliding windows are steel reinforced for added strength. Sliding Windows are incredibly functional and one of the easiest type of windows to use. These windows also ensure better ventilation and allow more air to come in.

Smooth Sliding Operation

uPVC sliding windows are designed for effortless operation. The sliding mechanism allows for easy opening and closing, providing convenience and flexibility in controlling ventilation and natural light.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

uPVC is a robust and weather-resistant material, making it ideal for exterior applications. It does not rot, corrode, or warp, ensuring that the sliding windows maintain their functionality and appearance even in harsh weather conditions.