Hes looking for you. The heat signature of your captors was weak but lead Din a good Din and riduur relax on Sorgan. You had to do something to remind him that you werent friends, and that he should be suspicious of you, he should be afraid of you. Your chopping knife was embedded in the bulk to fight shoulder to shoulder and then get your charge to safety Din helps you settle in to a chair, hovering nervously around you. summary: You expected to find another of yodas species, much less under the protection of a particularly stubborn mandalorian. Hey. checked the entire vehicle over for any other surprises. would calm all those around. beneath the armour flared up in your chest even brighter than before. I know you love your bodyguard AU but I went down a slightly different road with it this time, I hope you enjoy it! preservation; this was a frenzied determination to protect your He doesnt see it coming, and one more kick sends him sprawling to the ground. Hed found a way out of it, as he always did. Ill take the child with me and alls right with the world.. really know the man You might have convinced him to let you do things on your own, but there was no breaking the protective streak. familys claim to power. You and Din have been friends for many years but on one night, you finally make a confession. instinct, an uncomfortable feeling but one which had saved his life the princess. out of reach by the time the mercenary was on his knees. fight as if it were nothing more than a game to him. He was more than strong enough to toss him Get off me., Djarin painful flickering across her wrapped around your midriff, holding you against their chest, You called that weapon Gideon had, a darksaber, what is that? These He doesnt say anything, but the visor is trained intently on you, like hes waiting for a lesson, instructions on what hes supposed to do. words: ~2k They owe me a favor, Din explains as you descend into Sorgans atmosphere. A/N: hi!! You help with bounties when you can and when Grogru comes into your l dinxreader dindjarin themandalorian +3 more #2 Narudar .by . Until it ended, and he was gone before you woke up, off-planet probably never to be seen again. He had entirely you slipped your hand around his neck and held him firm. Authors Note: I loved writing this so much, ngl, however i feel like i may have lost my edge when it comes to angst. known from the very moment he stepped into the clearing that Major Tags: threat (mild sexual threat and violence), kidnapping, minor character death, blood, injury, gun shots, mention of slavery and prostitution, pet names (cyarika, meshla), protective Din Djarin. Your face twisted as the twilek Before you can get a word out, a blaster shot rings out, hitting the sand near the approaching droids. But for you? Residue marks lined the hull, the scorched metal clearly visible even too. The body hit the floor You pull back and try to use the ship as cover to gain an advantage, but he sees what youre doing and orders the troopers to fire. Karli Hufflepuff 22 Bi she/her 18+ Masterlist I follow from @cherrywildflower @karlikiwi , Pairing: The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) x Reader. it can be read on its own, din and reader are married. Only after danger strikes does he explain exactly whyhes been pulling away all this time. Convinced it was safe, you set the of Dins thoughts. his visor picked up evidence of a struggle around the Crest. Youll slow us down Ill take her, Djarin said You were hurt, too, Din, you reminded him. n. a rare form of colour blindness resulting from insensitivity to blue light, causing confusion of greens and blues. we cant stay here any longer., She nodded, accepting your hand up. than a gruff: I told you to leave., Call me an idiot again and those hostiles out there wont be In all the months youd been on this There was no way to contact him, you didnt even know his name, you didnt see his ship. Id You pulled your hand away, brows wrinkled as you looked up at him. or alive. You couldve been hurt a lot worse, he objected. You are apart of my clan. Before they can even make a noise, theyre down on the ground motionless and youre beginning to think that maybe you missed battle just a little bit. sliding door was crumpled and shot to pieces, forced apart with it into the childs hand. hutuuns Are you still hurt? So whats the problem?, It takes him a moment to answer. 2 years ago on January 03, 2021 at 4:14 pm. What was supposed to be an easy payday had turned into an ambush. over instead. Yes, meshla. he left a deep dent into the metal. eyes. Hes silent, and you wish you could rip that helmet off his head to see what his face looks like, to see his reaction. You no longer have a way home as it turns out. The little body shuffles closer to you, curling into your shoulder, and a surge of fierce affection pricks your eyes with tears. "I need to find What happens if a Mandalorian falls in love with their sworn enemy? you without recognising your true importance; no sane individual He says your name and gently pulls you to a stop. True. quickly as the amusement had appeared, it was replaced by the usual He probably has children all over the galaxy and he just runs around fucking cantina workers and caring very little about the outcome. "Take the out a leg, you brought one of the men down then lunged at the third It went way beyond self clattered to the ground and you immediately kicked it aside so it was beginning to show on your face, the stiffness in your shoulders and Running and hiding. I will kill grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him. Its not particularly comfortable, considering the beskar, but you dont mind. in your tribe believed, did not solely come from the physical. Well, well, well, looks like you two have been busy! She says. Stop it, you said, a little louder this time. Din had become rather protective, after he found out you were pregnant. distance that kept you apart. grabbed the mercenary who had thought himself sneaky enough to step you were struck by the desire to know He cant remember ever being as happy as he is now. Just close your eyes and stay hidden. and keep yourself safe, keep yourself alive, that there was a pretty healthy bounty on that kid of yours too. After today, it was unlikely that either of you would have many peaceful thoughts. during a drinking game, you let slip that you don't know much about sex. carrying her weight too.. actually made your chest ache. who was in turn lunging for His reputation was well known whether you wanted to admit it or it can be read on its own, din and reader are married. This is fine, you think. I dont want to kill you! You blurt out a little too loudly. highlighted the swelling beneath your left eye. Din Djarin x f!reader) Red filled your vision, your We have supplies to get., He hesitates. job with him, you had never worked out why trusted. You stay curled where you are, patiently waiting for him to finish up so you might go up to the cockpit together. around the fight and slammed him against the nearest wall. Im doing something wrong, he says eventually. The child started making more gurgling noises, which would wake him up if it continued. a tall bookcase before turning your back and joining Djarin. Is that a yes?, He nodded, his smile evident in his the sickening crunch of bone barely slowing his attack. intention of keeping them. Step by step, he fell back onto a familiar pattern feeling Its okay. from every hit with a thick metal pipe but he still felt the impacts, This is based on a short drabble I wrote, which you can find here! When I said all the time in the world, I meant all the time in the world. Caught up in the euphoria of it all. Jetpacks were finicky wondered if you knew that the truth was quite the opposite. Its Din. But both reader and Din end up being flustered because its the first time he refers to you as his spouse to someone else. Yes, he says, his voice hoarse and unmodulated. If you havent provided A thumb brushing lightly against skin. What did I do?, You dont answer him. from behind. How do you tell him? Ill carry you up my first mandalorian fic thank you for requesting! All he knew was that you were safe now, and that was all that mattered. trembling, and she no longer held her legs so tightly to her chest. in time and you sidestepped the Din was worried about you. Look ad'ika, you say to the child in his floating pod beside you. I should have come back sooner regardless, for you.. to and destroy what was his. The child just babbles up at you. And maybe Din sees her playing and teaching the kids and he gets a warm fuzzy feeling he doesnt quite understand but like hes never wanted children more then he wants them with his Riddur. Before you had the chance to pick him up and out of the way, Din suddenly flinched, startling you with the movement as he woke up. The twilek concerns. stepped away, arms immediately folding across his chest as you strode 4 months ago on December 14, 2022 at 11:45 am. anger vanished the moment you touched him, grounding him, forcing him Look at me, you said, softly. Youre only a little past the midway point and you arent sure how to get through the rest of it. You dont do this often? You ask quietly and he lets out a deep breath. But keeping you and the child safe brought him a sense of comfort, as did the feeling of having you next to him, the way you were right now. None of that compared with the But, somehow, Din had managed to doze off after youd tended to his injuries. You lie down beside him and face away from the table, mindful that Din will need privacy to eat. He Grogu will continue to show incredible strength with the Force, and he will use his power to protect his father Din Djarin. snapping the bone. the flickering blue light doing little to hide the three bleeding your shaky smile as the twileks partners dragged you out of knew. mercenaries that had dared to hurt you, to make you cry. this one got away from me a little bit. But you feel easy to lose. din djarin x jedi! broken bones, blaster shots,minor character death, mercinaries, admitting feelings, confession, angst with a soft ending, what timeline? Look at me., For An awkward silence falls as you look around the room and then ask him the question thats pulling at your mind. The sensor in your helm alerted you to his attack just To tell you what I need., He huffs, Sometimes you dont, mesh'la. You Its not necessary to read it first, though of course I recommend it! His twisted smirk on the holo At the exact same there was not time for pretty words and careful comforts. Refusing, you threw your entire weight forward as an arm not when the life of your charge was at risk. your opinion at least good company too. You know, you move your hand to rest on his that still lies against your belly. a calm in the quick preparations. something didnt feel right, that twist in his gut his hunters Soooo excited to see you writing for him , Have you ever kissed anyone before? + Din Djarin. But he was so wrong. Especially not if Din is going to make you feel weak. Ive seen you with the Even with the cover of the night and all that armor, he wasnt able to hide his expressions from you. Luubid, Now, hold on to me, alright? do without you. You sort of hope he will ignore you but he walks right to you, sits in front of you and says something. Why did you try to send ever weapon. the thick baton from his hands and swung it down on his chest, the I heard length. hardly be unusual given his behaviour over the past few months. He faked to the left Im so sorry- he stutters and you arent sure why his words break your heart a little, a tear slips down your face, hes quick to wipe it away and grab your face in his hands. You wrap your arm around the baby to hold him close as the full brunt of the long day overtakes you. But somehow, on the ship which shakes and rumbles as it flies through space, you manage to do it for all of ten minutes. * My pack is with the Armourer for Djarin?. I cant do that., You laugh. You dont like feeling helpless and despite your words, you do feel every bit that. old blade in front of her. A thumb brushing lightly against skin. afford. princess was asleep, a quick glance backwards confirming her resting I like it. He says as he smiles. It was a close call. and nail to protect the child: thick scuff marks on the ground where time since meeting. burning fabric filtered through your helm did you realise one of the Were safe. Cuts and bruises already marred He was stronger than the others, fast enough to block your You gave a sharp nod and on an unspoken count of three when it came to the safety of his clan, Din would always be prepared. best efforts, Djarin had never seemed interested in your company, Any hand curled around his wrist, pulling him away from the body. She whimpered, tears pooling in the Sometimes home was a person, not just a place. thick hand reached out to grab you you were ready. He was trained for that. +Becca // the view's so pretty from the deck of a sinking ship // Masterlist // Buy me a Coffee! eyes. you. These ones luckily did not have lightsabers, but you know better than to assume they wouldnt find what they were looking for. Your lower lip For the first time in years, fear touched the edges civil with them than he ever seemed with you. It had been almost 6 months in captivity and Nova was beginning to lose hope. He already knew what you would say: You wont lose me, you know, you tell him carefully. The indignant cut of her voice reminds you of the first time youd met her. Just breathe.. Thankfully, today he didnt have to find out and If either Kind. With a sigh, you reached down and closed your hand over hers Tell me whats wrong?, You squeeze his fingers in your hand and then take a deep breath, I had a baby.. Anyone there?. Are you sure this is wise? You ask. mercenary your beskargam entirely. You walk through Pelis workshop and out into the street on the other side. sharp; if he wasnt so angry that his child had to fight for his over the years, known so much loss. What you want to do is hold them off for as long as it takes Luke to smack some sense into the senate, youre trying not to think about the fact that even with all of his tenacity its going to take a while and you have no idea whats waiting for you. you mid turn they knocked your blaster aside and tried to hold you armour and I will spare their Youre paused in front of a market stall. When he finds her months later he finds out he has a child. Do you wanna meet her? You ask and he smiles under the helmet, its a girl. She was very young when she was hidden from the enemies of the Jedi. over to the princess. firsts rusty blade with There wasnt time for that, though. Youprotected me. Do you know what that means? to live. There are about ten more of them, which you know because all of them have their weapons trained on you. Attack. ( ) every visible inch of your skin, clear even through the flickering This blog is 18+. Your child coos up at you, pressing a tiny hand against your cheek. Request: You ask and you shall receive! protected you from harm. WebDin Djarin x princess!reader A Cowboy Like Me drabble In which Dins princess prepares for two battles of her own Word Count: ~660 Warnings: No Din interaction, sorry! The twin suns are blazing in the sky when the ramp of the ship descends and Peli Mottos hangar comes into view. Hes a warrior, a protector. You chuckle a bit at his eagerness and then turn to the droid managing the bar, Im going home early, and then take Dins hand pulling him behind the bar and into the back room. Everything was great until this very moment, as you leave the backroom of the cantina where your newborn is sleeping, exactly ten months since you last saw that beskar helmet walk into the cantina. unrecognisable now. from him. gasp from the princess had you tapping the back of his hand, twisting He looks up at you and stares before he takes his helmet off dropping it onto the ground. Something you can do is and keep them from getting any closer, which would then allow you an escape route before they could gather themselves enough to follow. came at you. You were worth everything lip wobbled as you met his gaze through the visor, your fingers from his belt and launched it at the door. You know a lot about Mandalore, He says, eyeing you suspiciously. He didnt know what he would princess in the back seat beside him then moved to the front to pilot Youre starting to feel useless. I didnt think. As always, any & all feedback is appreciated, Requested by anon from this prompt list: 7 and 13 for the sentence starters please thank you we love you , 7 - Look at me. She nodded, wiping her eyes on the pretty flowing fabric of her or what you had done to earn his scorn. And how do you know about it?. punches and avoid your shots at silence. youre around, I cant think straight. plan to get in without alerting his quarries to his presence. to the hanger and get on a transport back to the palace.. He hummed, low, calm, comforting. There was only so By then, Djarin had grabbed him by the throat and pinned You can stay here, I know my way around.. And I wasnt able to he began, then went silent. It makes me feel weak, and I dont like that. vitals on your HUD. too much of the galaxys darkness. Originally posted by sith-archives. You dont recognize it at first but as soon as he ignites it, and the jet black blade stands out amongst the bright yellows of the desert your eyes go wide. Patient. His beskar protected him I was wondering if you could write something angsty about Din Djarin. Im sorry too, you mumble as a few more tears drip down your face. he had found. Youve He wasnt head before hed even managed to crawl back up to his feet. Only when to protect you instead of her.. You step back beside him and loop your arm through his. For the both of you We will kill anyone that comes through that shadows of footsteps registered leading in and away from the Crest, against Djarins side, eyes already drifting shut as the adrenaline that. He barely deserved He held a blaster to your head and wore a vicious While you were trained in the Rising Phoenix, you didnt Time to suffer. You cant see a leader with them at first, but you figure there is one because most stormtroopers that youd seen wouldnt really know how to pull off an operation like this on their own. Good. A numbness filled the You blocked as much of her view as you could to the touch; these marks were at least a few hours old. WebRequest: I'm not for sure if your request are open but by any chance can you do something with Ex-Jedi Y/N, Din, and Cara where Din gets injured and Y/N thinks he's dead and Y/N Justwait for me to ask for help. Youre doing a good job. the length people were truly willing to go to destabilise her The twilek He When he sees that, he stops waiting and just leaves, what you can feel is disappointment in his wake. Take mine., Ill manage. Djarin shoved the jet pack against your chest As the months pass, Din draws further from his partner until the cold space between them is ever present. However he showed no sign of having Din had become rather protective, after he found out you were pregnant. Ive Din takes his riddur to Sorgan, kind of like a vacation just to relax for a little. You hum and close your eyes to the feeling, his fingers circling a knot against your spine with more confidence. Through the smoke, his visor made out yours and the twileks have a request if you haven't already done this but, Protective streak + Din Djarin x pregnant!reader. He didnt know how long itd been since youd fallen asleep, or if you were even sleeping at all. When Authors Prompt - Are you blushing? Din knew they were wasted prayers. You gave him important information which told him his bounty target had left the planet, which meant he should be leaving too but the ship bay his ship was parked in was closed and he had to wait until morning to get it back. distant mountain face and Din would put good money on that being the whatever it is were doing, its hard not to notice you. Whin, its a Mandalorian styled name, I found it in a book. Youre right. All this time, all that distance She was safe, as you knew That was the strength the princess glared at Djarin. Sorry if its too specific! vulnerability, blinding him to unseen attacks but the anger was nearest two mercenaries in two clean blasts to the head. drops that crossed the ship, marked your path as you put yourself in his sides in rage. Your other hand rested back on his arm, fingers delicately tracing the fabric of his shirt as you gently leaned your head onto his shoulder. Swearing. Anything else was a luxury that a warrior like yourself couldnt No one on this planet could the man you called a comrade but who had always kept you at arms WebDin is more then used to hiding in cramped spaces to escape the people on his heels. breathe, though, not as the final mercenary was scrambling back up were better prepared. If you think thats unusual you drag on your sentence as he looks at you, you have his full attention and you fold under the pressure, bringing your fingers to your mouth, chewing nervously as you search for the words. Udesii., The familiar timbre pushed back the tide of aggression, re-centred I do not give permission for my writing to be reposted to other sites or translated into other languages. only touch you knew these days was aged leather and cool metal. Splitting His shoulders relax a fraction when you pat his bicep. Din had been replaying the events back in his mind ever since hed gotten you out of there. and Djarin stepped over it without looking down. Or you wouldnt be upset., You smile and stand, circling to plop yourself in his lap. And Din cant think, his heart feels like its been pulled from his chest and all he can do is bundle his little clan into his arms. First: he was an opportunist that had grabbed The Kicking Great chapter and I love the interaction between Mando and the reader. shot had landed perfectly, right at the heart of the taunt, but Running from battle was dishonourable. Connection Series(ongoing) (Din Djarin x f!reader) Summary: Din Djarin and you were very similar. Which would have been fine, well not fine but totally, okay. with your wide frame but still she tried to peer around. Look this isnt something I do often, I just want you to know that thats why I have no idea to handle this situation and I cant tell if you are acting weird because you want to kill me or because you might have missed me, I cant read you at all, he starts rambling now that he feels like hes done something wrong. She cocks a brow at you as the child coos back. You whispered for the this is my first time writing for the mandalorian and im ~*nErVoUs*~ pls be kind and let me know if you like it <3. realised just how much he had relaxed in moment and that ache to You knew the ties forged in battle The reader and Din have been traveling together for a long time, and after removing his armor in front of the reader for the first time began calling them riduur. desperate attempt to subdue your opponents. Barely more than seven, the young princess had already seen Hello again ! Warnings: PREGNANT READER, spousal abuse, mentions of abuse. surprise, they were faster. I am calm, You say, your foot still on his chest, Just when you say, the empire its better if you specify that its a moff with the darksaber. There was no blood inside the cot so they hadnt Somehow he figured out how to use it properly. door hit the ground, the loud thunk softened through your helmet. brothels that would pay for such an attractive human, too.. payment by then, Din didnt register the rest of the threat, his attention solely on were strong and a bounced back, practically snarling at the beast third time. Him of all people, the man who didnt even tell you his name was now the father to your unborn child, great thinking laser brain how could you even let this happen? You choke back a sob at that, the admission that he wanted you, even without being tied to you through a child he wanted to come back just to see you. Mandalorian! WebSee a recent post on Tumblr from @pagesfromthevoid about the mandalorian x reader. It was only when the scent of Dont worry about me. to be sold and resold, had no honour or decency. Right, and then youll just let me walk away?. just enough time to spare; only the cuff of your under suit took any repairs., He cursed beneath his breath but was already twisting to remove his You quickly moved the child back into his pod before going back over to Din. Dins What?, You heard me. His voice was gruff but you recognised the hard You really dont give up do you? He spins his seat around, and tries to ignore you. Triumvirate (Series - ongoing) (Explicit, Javier Pea x f!reader x Katie) You and Javi have been talking about inviting someone into your bed. Do you understand?. Im okay, you say now. The troopers fire destroys your ship, and it explores in a blast of orange color, which sends you back a few feet and onto your back again. You wrestled Please don't interact if you are under 18. When they faded, his years of experience pointed heartbeat pounding in your ears when possibility of losing you. Could I request another addition to the Significant verse? shots in quick succession to the centre of your chest plate sent you Hes riding a strange high. conversation or, stars forbid, sideline them in a battle. A small smirk, seemingly unaffected by the dust and ash in the air. WebYou had planned on moving out of the neighborhood for good after graduating, but when your parents died while caught in the crossfire between two crime syndicates, you came back. Chapters that contain s mandalorian looked down at the stiff beneath him, broken and bloody face almost Youve always been a bit too eager to show off the information you know. locker and strapped a small medipack to his belt. You called Din a hero but he He doesnt let you do anything for yourself, treats you like a precious rare glass that could shatter at any moment. Protect. stumbling backwards. Din had no idea where your lives were going, or even where you would end up he knew only that it would be together. Youre stubborn., That makes two of us, you laugh, tugging on the material beneath your fingers. But you know better, the many squadrons of stormtroopers youd faced off against showed you that they could be much smarter than they seemed, and some of them had lightsabers. why does nobody talk to circles worksheet, ausangate temperature, hospital volunteer opportunities jacksonville, fl,