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Metal Carrier 6A

Carrier 6A is made as per applicable drawings and specification. It is designed to hold four fully loaded H2A Boxes and forms a very convenient tactical load. These Carriers are provided very sturdy latches and handles to withstand the battle-field conditions. The Carriers are 100% Powder coated and clear all the laid down Tests, to include, Jolt Test, Drop Test and Powder Coating Test. The Carries can be provided in any colour.

Military-Grade Construction

The Metal Crate 6A is constructed to meet stringent military standards, utilizing high-quality metal materials to ensure exceptional strength and durability. This robust construction is crucial for protecting sensitive military equipment in challenging operational environments.

Shock and Vibration Resistance

The design of the Metal Crate 6A includes features to mitigate shock and vibration during transportation, safeguarding delicate and sensitive military assets from damage. This is especially important for delicate electronic equipment, weapons systems, or communication devices.