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M2A1 / H2A / M19A1 Metal Boxes

We manufacture high quality H2A / M2A1 / M19A1 Ammunition Boxes as per applicable drawings and specification. Our Boxes are 100% Powder coated and clear all the laid down Tests, to include, Jolt Test, Drop Test, Water Tightness Test, Air Pressure Test and Powder Coating Test. The Boxes can be provided in any colour.

Military-Grade Construction

The M2A1 and H2A metal boxes are built to military specifications, featuring rugged construction to meet the demanding requirements of military operations. The materials used in their manufacturing provide durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Secure Closure Mechanism

These metal boxes are equipped with secure closure mechanisms, typically employing latches or locking systems. This ensures that the contents are safely enclosed, providing security during transportation and storage.